Bystander rescues family from flooding car in Lakewood

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Flooding quickly escalated in Lakewood Sunday, leaving several parking lots looking like small bodies of water.

In one scary ordeal, a family wound up trapped in their car in one of those empty lots, sitting helplessly as the waters rose around them.

Cell phone video showed the parking lot with the car being swallowed by flooding waters. It also shows Jeffrey Reed, the man who jumped in and rescued the trapped family.

He jumped into the water minutes before first responders arrived, helping the family wedge open a window and carrying three children to safety.

"You could barely see the sun roof,” Reed said. “Barely."

Sofia Gonzalez was one of three kids Reed helped pull to safety.

"We started crying because we were all scared,” Gonzalez said. “We started shaking and all that."

Her aunt, Sara Rosales, owns the now-damaged Audi.

"I really thought they were going to die,” Rosales said.

But through all this, Reed stayed calm.

"I was just bobbing with the kids,” Reed said. “I was just tip toeing back out of the water – just bobbing slowly, trying to keep them above water. I had all three of them in my hands at the same time.

“I got kids,” Reed added, calling his decision to jump into the flooding parking lot an easy one to make. “If it was my kids, I hope somebody would do the same for me."

Heavy rain also flooded a portion of a nearby apartment, leaving it a muddy mess. But at the end of the day, all of the damage was to property, and it was little more than cosmetic – a small ordeal compared to what could have happened.

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