Judge won’t halt Colorado high-capacity magazine ban law

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Sixteen Colorado county sheriffs voice their opposition to gun control measures earlier this year.

DENVER — A federal judge will not block a new Colorado state law that limits the size of ammunition magazines to less than 15 rounds.

Judge Marcia Krieger told both parties Wednesday morning that she can’t issue an injunction because the law already is in effect.

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs, some 55 Colorado sheriffs who opposes the law, worked out an agreement Tuesday night with attorneys for Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat who signed off on the new laws in March, to amend a technical guidance from the Attorney General on how to enforce the law so it’s more specific about what is and is not legal.

Upon hearing about the deal, Krieger stepped back and told the attorneys that they didn’t need her to grant an injunction because they’d apparently worked things out.

The relatively short proceeding is just the warm-up for the more serious legal fight by the sheriffs to overturn the law itself. In their view, it violates the Second Amendment right for citizens to keep and bear arms.

The new law bans magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.

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