San Francisco plane crash brings back memories for Colorado survivors

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BOULDER, Colo. -- The images of Saturday's plane crash in San Francisco are being called "eerily similar" by survivors of a 2008 Continental Airlines crash at Denver International Airport in 2008.

Continental Flight 1404, with scheduled service from Denver to Houston, crashed while on take-off on December 20th, 2008. Upon impact, the aircraft split it two near the wings and left a massive fire on the right side on the aircraft.

"After we left the runway, I was just the entire time waiting for the other shoe to drop," said Mike Wilson, a passenger of flight 1404 who was heading to Houston to celebrate Christmas. In an interview after the crash in San Francisco on Sunday, the frequent flier told KDVR the images in California were eerily similar to the sights he witnessed in the Denver crash.

"My initial reaction was it seemed so eerily similar to the 1404 wreckage," added Wilson.

The National Transportation Safety Board later determined the accident was likely the result of a number of problems including lack of crosswind information given to the pilots as well as insufficient training in crosswinds maneuvering by the airlines.

A lawsuit was filed by dozens of passengers after the crash that was later settled by Continental Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration.