Local church shares movie to help victims heal after tragedy

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It's been almost a year since shots were fired inside theater 9 at Century 16 in Aurora.

Pastor Ed Taylor at Calvary Chapel Aurora says anniversaries tend to open up wounds and bring back memories and he's especially concerned about many of those at his church because over two dozen people in his congregation were at the theater at the time of the shooting. In fact, some of the members recall July 20th like it was yesterday.

"Complete fear, your heart's racing, there's confusion," said Ryan Boeckner, a church member.

"When people started running, I started running. I thought that I was going to die." said Jonathan Horant, a church member.

It's a nightmare that many who attend this church said they can't seem to escape.

"I've suffered through some anxiety attacks," Horant said.

"It's definitely in my mind and thoughts of often," said Joel Wheelersburg, an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Aurora.

While these church members have relied on their faith to get them through this, the church is now offering up another way to heal by showing a movie called "Hope for Hurting Hearts". The Christian-faith based film's mission is to inspire those in crisis to heal by hearing about other people's times of trial.

"This movie is going to speak loudly to the hurt, whether it is ongoing or it's going to be surfaced again," said Pastor Taylor.

The film shows multiple stories of tragedy from families who lost loved ones, to a man born without limbs. All are now finding hope in their lives through faith.

"God doesn't waste anything and he's able to comfort us through our tribulations, so we can comfort others that are going through those same tragedies or trials," said Wheelersburg.

Pastor Taylor believes this film can help those still grieving from the theater shooting or dealing with other types of loss like what he's now experiencing.

"My son died unexpectedly just a couple a weeks ago, a few weeks ago, he was 26 years old and I never thought I would be in this type turmoil in my own heart, but the timing of this movie is great for me too," Taylor said.

The film Hope for Hurting Hearts will be released this week to all congregations wanting to show it.

Calvary Chapel will be showing it on Thursday and anyone is welcome.

In the meantime, Pastor Taylor said he is also wanting to rent a theater at Century 16 to show the movie, so that more people will have the opportunity to see it.