Suspect in deadly Grand Junction pipe bombings may have case re-examined

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - In 1991, James Genrich was convicted of numerous pipe bomb explosions that killed two Grand Junction residents and wounded a third. Genrich has spent the last 20 years behind bars with no chance for parole.

Now The Colorado Justice Review Project is taking a second look at the case. The federally funded program, which is operated by the Colorado Attorney General, has sent an attorney and investigator to Grand Junction to review court files and interview people involved in the case. Depending on their findings, DNA tests may be conducted.

Genrich and his attorney want the case reviewed and claim DNA tests will prove someone else planted the pipe bombs.

According to Genrich’s attorney, the evidence was mostly circumstantial, including notebooks found in his apartment that contained angry rants talking about killing people.

At the time of the trial, fear was so great in Grand Junction that the proceedings were moved to Weld County.

It will take months to decide if DNA tests will be conducted and several more months to reach a conclusion.

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