Woman who survived deadly crash worried suspect will get off easy

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AURORA, Colo. -- The driver who caused a crash that killed two members of a family recently admitted he was at fault, speeding and running a red light moments before the crash in Aurora.

But the woman, who lost her husband and granddaughter in just a split second, is worried that driver might not face any stiff penalties. His apology for what happened just isn't enough for her.

Sylvia Ramirez's scars from the crash at 17th and Potomac in April are slowly getting better, but the emotional scars of losing husband Jaime and 3-month-old granddaughter Kateley will take much longer to heal.

The three were coming home from the grocery store on April 29 when police say the driver of a pickup truck slammed into their SUV.

Investigators had some questions at the time about who was to blame, but they eventually found that Miguel Garcia, the pickup driver, was speeding and rand a red light.

FOX31 Denver spoke to him the day after he admitted his guilt. "I honestly don't remember. I was pretty sure I had a green light, but if I don't, I didn't. That's all I got to say. I just apologize form my heart. I'm sorry."

He said he didn't remember if he was going fast right before the crash. Police say he was going 12 to 17 miles an hour over the speed limit.

Two months have passed since the crash and Sylvia Ramirez is staying strong for her family.

She says it is sad but she and her family have to move on.

She believes Garcia will get off easy and she's upset the possible charges that include careless driving aren't more serious.

The Adams County District Attorney's Office says prosecutors are still deciding what charges to pursue in this case.

Aurora Police recommend careless driving resulting in death and driving without a license. Both are misdemeanors.