Police may have break in case of girl missing for more than a year

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FORT MORGAN, Colo. -- New developments in the case of a Fort Morgan teenager missing for 15 months.

Police tell us they have uncovered new evidence and possible crime scenes related to her disappearance in March 2012.

Kayla Chadwick was just 17 when she vanished after a fight with her boyfriend.

Since then, tips coming into police have been minimal.

Until a few weeks ago, when tips led police to execute search warrants and collect evidence that could result in a break in the case.

“There really hasn’t been a whole lot of information,” says Fort Morgan Police Lt. Jared Crone.

Fort Morgan Police say people hadn’t been talking until recently. “The longer things go, people have a tendency of giving us more information, feel more comfortable talking with law enforcement, passing information. And that’s what it’s come down to at this point,” says Lt. Crone.

Tips and new information led police to execute three search warrants at what they say could be a crime scene—the home of Chadwick’s ex-boyfriend, Ivan Torralba. They also searched and collected evidence in an area near his home.

And investigators say they gathered evidence at what could be a third crime scene--an isolated area off Morgan County Rd. W and Highway 52.

"We don’t want to say exactly what it is,” says Lt. Crone.

Police will only say the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is doing forensic testing on the items. They hope it’s evidence that will speak volumes and lead to answers about what happened to a girl who has been gone too long.

Police don’t know how long it will take to get forensic test results back. But Kayla’s aunt, Chris Ferguson says the family is hopeful there will be justice for Kayla.

Torralba is back in jail after police found him with marijuana, which violates his bond conditions in a perjury case unrelated to Kayla Chadwick’s disappearance.