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Married man weds 2nd woman to steal her money, police say

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(Photo: Aurora Police)

DENVER — An Aurora man who police said conned a 71-year-old woman into marrying him and then taking almost $300,000 from her has been arrested.

Chris Rodriguez met the woman in 2011 after he filed her taxes.

Unbeknownst to the woman, Rodriguez had already started scamming her including getting her to open an IRA account with $95,000 so he could buy her securities.

Instead he never bought the securities and Rodriguez depleted the account spending the money on himself including $21,000 that was used to pay back child support from a previous marriage in California.

The woman even gave Rodriguez $200,000 to become a major shareholder in his business, which was in fact defunct.

The two were married in Las Vegas in 2012 even though Rodriguez was already married to another woman, police said.

Rodriguez allegedly told the victim he was a businessman and a financial adviser. The two never lived together.

After getting married, police said Rodriguez continued to scam the woman including obtaining about $52,000 through credit card accounts and a vehicle re-finance loan.

Rodriguez’s real wife was never aware of his second marriage of the fraud he was conducting, police said.

Eventually police learned of the scams and pursued him. Rodriguez was arrested in California on Tuesday.

Investigators have also found three additional victims who were scammed out of $10,000 each. Rodriguez told the victims that he was going to use the money to buy Facebook stock at its initial public offering. Instead pocketed the money, police said.