Status of fireworks on the 4th depends on where you live

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DENVER -- It’s the most patriotic day on the calendar. But several counties, cities and towns are celebrating America’s birthday without fireworks.

Tuesday, at a Larimer County commissioners’ meeting, there was a real possibility of fireworks erupting on the outcome.

“I am very, very happy with what they did,” says Pete Sakala, a fireworks vendor of 40 years.

But their decision relieves Sakala.

“The county commissioners did us a good favor. They were very fair. They know we only have nine to 10 days left,” he says.

Commissioners vote to ban fireworks in a smaller way.

Only those areas west of Taft Hill Road and north of County Road 60 can’t light up the pyrotechnics.

It could have been much more restrictive.

Counties in red don’t allow fireworks of any kind including unincorporated Douglas, Fremont and Elbert counties.

Those counties that allow public displays but no private ones include Denver, western Boulder and Arapahoe counties.

“Jefferson County so far, no restrictions,” says fireworks vendor Kris Nguyen.

The hodgepodge of fireworks laws can be confusing to fans of the Fourth.

“We’ve had a lot of people asking questions (about whether they can light fireworks),” says Nguyen.

And it’s meant slower sales for vendors with just a limited time window.

“I don’t think we should be able to do our own. The whole state is on fire,” says Arapahoe County resident Mike Robertson.

But some residents where fireworks are allowed say they’d be okay if the fireworks fizzled out.

“Due to the wildfires in Jefferson County, they ought to ban them,” says Jeffco resident Jerome Kasnick.

Besides counties, there are several cities and towns canceling their public displays.

They include Highlands Ranch, Monument, Colorado Springs, Kiowa and Simla.

To find out where your city or county stands call your local fire or police department, or check our list here.

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