Starbucks will soon inlcude calorie counts on menu

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DENVER -- All Starbuck menu boards will now contain calorie information on each beverage and snack sold in their chain of shops across the country.

Part of the reason for this is the impending mandate from the Food and Drug Administration for all eateries with more than 20 restaurants to begin posting caloric data on all foods sold.

By being pro-active, Starbucks says they are ahead of the calorie curve, demonstrating to their customers their desire to make sure people are more aware of what they put into their bodies.

Some of the numbers may be surprising to regular drinkers. For example, a Grande mocha has 260 calories, a flavored latte has 250 and an iced white chocolate mocha has 340.

“I had no idea I was drinking in 480 calories each time I get a cup of Frappuccino,” said Tiffany Schaden.  “I only get one two or three times a week, but I am a personal trainer so I do watch what I eat, I like the idea of letting us know what we are buying.”

Starbucks released a statement saying, "“This is yat another step to extend our commitment to wellness, ensuring our customers and partners have the information they need to make informed decisions and understand all the ways that they can customize their Starbucks beverages to be within their desired calorie range.”

The new labels comes as Starbucks increased prices by an average of 1% on brewed coffee, tea, latte and espresso drinks.  That should increase prices by about a dime.

Prices will not increase for its larger venti and grande-sized brewed coffees, or for its Frappuccino drinks.

Starbucks said this is the first price increase in nearly two years for the coffee chain, blaming the rising cost of labor, raw materials and rent for the hike.

CNN contributed to this report.