Restaurant Report Card: ‘F’ for Comedy Works South and China Café II

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DENVER -- Our Restaurant Report Card features a place best known for its comedy.

Comedy Works South

The Comedy Works South at 5345 Landmark Place in Greenwood Village earned an F for flies and mold in its April inspection.

Inspectors found six critical violations including “moldy jalapenos, bottles of liquor adulterated with fruit flies” and “soap was not provided at the hand sink.”
During a January inspection, health experts said “grilled chicken, eggs, bleu cheese and dressing” were all potentially hazardous foods because they were being held at too warm of temperature.

Inspectors said “the soda gun in the back bar was soiled with mold” and “an employee…was observed donning gloves without first washing their hands.”

Owner of Comedy Works Wende Curtis said she will use the inspections as a training tool for her staff. “I’ve seen a lot of kitchens and ours, I’m sorry, is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen. I live here, so, that’s pretty much what I eat and I’m fine.” Curtis said.

China Café II

Another F on our report card goes to China Café II at 16870 East Iliff Avenue in Aurora.

The China Café II made eleven critical mistakes in its last two regular inspections including “rodent droppings were observed in the closet” and “a dead cockroach was observed in the dry storage room.”

Also, “an employee observed using a thermometer in raw chicken then pork without first washing the thermometer.”

Inspectors also found a leaking ceiling that was covered with mold, a sink badly soiled with film and grime and the stove and oven had a build-up of grease and food debris.  FOX31 Denver’s calls to the café were not returned, but the owner told us he corrected the violations.

When FOX31 reporter Heidi Hemmat took a look in the kitchen, she saw what looked like green mold on the ceiling, filthy floors and greasy appliances.

Noodles and Company

And an A goes to Noodles and Company for perfect health inspections at their restaurant at 1502 S. Colorado Boulevard.

The restaurant known for its mac and cheese produced inspections with no violations.

Area manager, Kevin Tennal said the staff is dedicated to keeping the kitchen clean. “The management team and the team themselves take great pride in their work.” Tennal said.   A clean kitchen is almost as comforting as their comfort food.

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