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DENVER -- Two families face an uncertain future after their loved ones died in a collision with a train Tuesday night in Denver.

The victims' young families make a plea for help Thursday.

“You see car parts everywhere," says Andrea Avila, the wife of victim, Mark Campion.  "It's hard. Just hearing the train, seeing the train," she says.

This is the last place her husband and Frances Garcia's husband, Robert Lujan Trujillo, took their last breaths.

"In one second, your life changes. It's unreal," says Avila.

Next to a makeshift memorial of melted candles, wilted flowers and constant prayers, runs a train like the one the two best friends crashed into Tuesday night.

"I just broke down. I screamed. Everybody heard it. I couldn`t hold it in anymore. He was everything to me," says Trujillo’s common-law wife, Frances Garcia.

The two widows can't understand why it happened.

The driver crashed through the crossing bar and hit the train.

"It's killing us not to know," says Garcia.

They also don't know how they will make it as suddenly single mothers of six kids between them.

The youngest is just two months old.

"This is going to put a financial toll on us. We just purchased a home. We just purchased a car," says Avila.

The husbands were the main bread winners.

Mark was a night supervisor at Sam's Club.

Robert, a landscaper.

“I got four kids to take care of. One is in diapers,” says Garcia.

The answers to what happened at this gritty site will come eventually.

But learning how to live without their best friends ... that will be much harder.

"Him not being around, it's hard. Especially, seeing the kids look just like him. They're the spitting image," says Garcia.

"I miss him so much. I love him with all my heart. I wish he could be here with me right now," says Avila.

The families are holding a benefit to help pay for these unexpected funerals.

It will be Friday night at Atmosphere Lounge at 17th and Federal in Denver from 8 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Individuals cost $10, $15 for couples. Donations of food and drink for the event are welcome.

They've also established a memorial fund in the names of both men at U.S. Bank.