Drivers who fail to pay road tolls may be unable to register vehicles

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DENVER — The Colorado Department of Revenue may refuse to renew the vehicle registrations of drivers with too many unpaid road tolls, effectively revoking their ability to drive legally until they pay up, the E-470 Public Highway Authority said in a media release Thursday.

The plan, which targets delinquent drivers who used E-470 or I-25 Express Lanes without paying, will take hold in October, officials said. Initially, only those who owe $200 or more will be subject to the rule.

“The non-paying customers in this first grouping are not casual or occasional users of the road and they have either ignored or disregarded their responsibility to pay their bills,” E-470 executive director John McCuskey said. “It amounts to theft of service.”

This worst group of offenders represents 2,030 vehicles and more than $1 million in unpaid tolls, E-470 officials said. Under the plan, these drivers will be unable to renew their vehicle registration by mail, and will be required to pay any outstanding fees if and when they attempt to renew in person.

State statute CRS 43-4-506.5(7), passed in 2005, allows public highway authorities to enlist the Department of Revenue’s help in recovering unpaid tolls, fees, and civil penalties from drivers.

“We want to give these customers an opportunity to pay their outstanding balances before their vehicle registrations expire,” said E-470 director of operations Dave Kristick. “We want them to call us, settle their outstanding accounts and renew their vehicle registrations.”

For more information, call the ExpressToll Customer Service Center at 303-537-3470, option #4, then option #5. The toll-free number is 888-946-3470.