Woman assaulted at Lakewood light rail stop after cigarette request

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The Lamar Station on the RTD's West Line light rail (Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Jeffrey Beall)

The Lamar Station on the RTD's West Line light rail (Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Jeffrey Beall)

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A woman was injured while waiting at one of the stops on the RTD’s new West Line light rail early Monday morning. Later in the morning, police confirmed the suspects in the assault were still at large.

Police say the assault took place just before 1 a.m. at the Lamar light rail station at 6363 West 13th Avenue. A woman said she was walking in the area near the station with her boyfriend when they were approached by three men asking for a cigarette.

From there, police say the details are hazy, but the woman reported pulling out a knife to defend herself after the trio of men began giving the couple trouble when it was made apparent that they did not have any cigarettes.

“The men gave the couple a hard time, the woman pulled out a knife to defend herself, and a male suspect then sprayed pepper spray mainly at the husband,” Lakewood Police spokesperson Steve Davis said. “After that, the suspects fled.”

Police were called to the area shortly after the assault was reported. They searched for the suspects, Davis said, but were unable to located them. Those suspects are being described as three Hispanic males between the ages of 17 and 19. Davis said the suspects were mostly dressed in red.

Davis indicated that the incident is being investigated as a first degree assault.

The female victim was transported to a nearby hospital with two non life-threatening cuts on her upper back and the back of her head.

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