Kraft ad leaves little to imagination, angers ‘One Million Moms’

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This print ad from Kraft has a conservative group of women up in arms. (Photo:

This print ad from Kraft has a conservative group of women up in arms. (Photo:

A new ad for Kraft’s zesty Italian dressing is a little too spicy for one group of women.

You may have seen Kraft’s first advertisement in this campaign on TV, showing a shirtless man making Kraft dishes in the kitchen. That man is back in a new print ad, and he’s been stripped down ever further.

The new ad shows the zesty man lying on a picnic blanket with one piece of cloth very strategically placed on the otherwise naked man’s body.

It doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and now the conservative group One Million Moms is calling the new ad “disgusting” and urging the company to pull the campaign.

Others say the ad is fine, citing the fact that ad agencies use half-naked women to sell products quite frequently.

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