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‘Man Of Steel’ film review: Lots of havoc, not enough heart

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When I was kid, Superman would leap tall buildings in a single bound. In “Man Of Steel,” he’d rather knock them over.

And over. And over.

The amount of CGI destruction in this film eclipses almost everything else. And that’s a shame. Henry Cavill brings the right blend of hesitation and self-doubt to his role. Amy Adams is stellar as Lois Lane, redefining the character. But it’s hard to act over the roar of a planet imploding.

I’m not one to step on Superman’s cape. And to his credit, director Zach Snyder has an obvious love for the genre. His re-telling of this origin story seeks deeper meaning.

We see more of Clark Kent and the struggle to accept his destiny. Much of the film is devoted to an anguished decision of whether to run from who you are or embrace that which makes you different. Cavill does quite a bit of heavy lifting (literally and otherwise) to pull off this role sublimely. His acting is nearly enough to save the day.

It’s a film worth seeing, and I doubt any fan of comics will leave feeling robbed. But in the end, the Kryptonite for this film is the special effects overload. From the visually impressive opening sequence on Krypton, to a final battle that drags on endlessly (you could travel to Krypton and back in less time), you can’t have size if you don’t also have depth.

Superman may have come to save Earth, but mostly … it ends up getting smashed to pieces.

“Man Of Steel” Final Review
Review: 2.5 out of 4.0
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 2 hours and 28 minute

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