Denver deputies disciplined for what resident caught them doing in park

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DENVER -- Two Denver County Deputies are being disciplined for what they were caught doing in Washington Park.

A resident, who is afraid to be identified, contacted the FOX31 investigative team, after he saw the deputies parked illegally right across from the running trail.

He said when he approached the cops he noticed they were both smoking cigars in a Denver county van and scoping women. “They are not the police, they are the sheriff and they were both kicking back smoking cigars in a taxpayer vehicle."

The resident asked the deputies what they were doing in the park, but the deputies brushed him off. The resident told us it was obvious that the deputies were there for the “women running around, scantily clad.”

The resident snapped several pictures of the illegally parked van and the smoking guns inside, then he sent them to the Denver County Sheriff’s Department and FOX31 along with an email demanding answers:

“This taxpayer wants to know what official business the two men were attending and why they feel they can break the law and do whatever they please... Smoking, illegally parked, arrogant, scoping women...the two men should be fully disciplined if not terminated.”

FOX31 Denver followed up by sending a public records request to the sheriff’s department, asking for the names of all the deputies on duty that day.

Shortly afterwards, the resident received this response from the sheriff’s department:

“Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. This matter has been reviewed by the agency management and the officers involved have been disciplined regarding this incident."

A sheriff’s department spokesperson refused to do an on camera interview but told us off camera the deputies were in an unauthorized location, they are not allowed to smoke in the vehicles or park in a no parking zone.

The resident now realizes you can fight the law and win, “I think the taxpayer won, that’s all that matters.”

The Denver Sheriff’s Department would not release the deputies' names and won’t disclose how the officers are being disciplined.

A spokesperson would only say the deputies’ actions reflected poorly on the department.