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Life sentence for man convicted of killing teacher, ex-girlfriend

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DENVER — A man who was convicted of killing fifth-grade teacher, and his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Roan was sentenced to life in prison Monday.

A Denver jury convicted Ryan Miller, 28, of first-degree murder for the slaying that took place in 2011.  He was also found guilty of charges including burglary, kidnapping and misdemeanor assault.

Miller received a the maximum sentence on all the charges. In addition to the life sentence for murder, the judge gave Miller 12 years for the burglary charge, six years for kidnapping, and another two years for the assault charge.

“Words can’t describe how horrible this crime was. Words can’t describe the pain the family has gone through.” said the judge in the case. “This is a clear case of premeditation. Not well thought out though.”

Roan’s mother spoke after the sentencing, saying, “Andrea signed her death certificate in August when she met him and gave him her number.”

The two dated for about four months before Roan broke off the relationship. In December 2011, Road filed a complaint against Miller after he forced his way into her apartment and assaulted her.

A week later she was driving her car in an alley behind her apartment when Miller shot her in the head.

A friend of Miller, Richard Leavitt, drove Miller to and from Roan’s apartment. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 48 years in prison.

Roan’s cousin Audrey Gaddis added, “I used to think that he was evil. He is not evil. He is not good. He is empty.”

“My love for her will never die.” said Roan’s sister Sarah, “I will not let Ryan Miller’s lack of a soul keep Andrea from living on.”