Highlands Ranch vandalism leaves 20 windows shattered

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HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. -- Vandals are at it again in Highlands Ranch, and this time homeowners are making an attempt to fight back. The latest crime spree targeted more than 20 homes, but with a little help from some vigilant bystanders, police are hoping to get more leads Tuesday.

Just a month ago, vandals hit nearly a dozen cars and homes between in a Highlands Ranch neighborhood between University and Broadway. Now police are saying new vandals are using big rocks to destroy house windows, and that these vandals hit homes on 25 different streets in the same neighborhood over the course of the last several weeks.

“We’re looking at about 25 different victims,” Sgt. Ron Hanavan with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department said. “So when you put it all together you’re looking at thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.”

Thankfully for police, some homeowners now have security cameras, and those cameras were able to capture some of the illicit activity from this past week.

One particular segment of footage shows a gray or silver SUV pulling up in front of a house, with two young men getting out. A passenger hands a rock to the driver, who then runs toward the house. A crash can be heard, as a window shatters.

That’s all it takes to cost the homeowner both money and inconvenience. One victim is calling the vandalism incidents beyond maddening.

“It's just so frustrating,” Angela McGuire said. “Kids don't realize how much of a pain this is to get a window fixed. They think it's funny, and here we are stuck with it.”

McGuire said the incident also gave her family quite a scare, saying the sound of the large rock going through a window was something akin to “a car going through the front wall.”

A $2,000 Crime Stoppers award is now being offered for information on the vandalism incidents. Contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office if you want to make a statement.