“Book of Mormon” ticket buyers experience online problems

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By: Greg Ellison

DENVER — A Twitter firestorm took place on Monday as theater goers tried to purchase tickets to the Tony-Award winning musical, “The Book of Mormon,” which is set to begin its second Denver run in October. Many of them took to Twitter after running into issues with the Denver Center website.

The problems were reportedly limited to internet purchases, as fans encountered no difficulty securing tickets over the phone or at the box office. While it was not immediately clear if the technical issues had been completely fixed, the Denver Center website was showing tickets were still available for purchase as of 1:30 p.m.

The Broadway hit is scheduled to run October 22 through November 24. The brainchild of South Park creators and Colorado natives Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the musical farce will be performed at the Buell Theatre.

The show premiered in Denver before making its way to Broadway, and played to rave reviews and sellouts on a nightly basis. With that being the case, many Coloradans were eager to get their hands on tickets as quickly as possible this time around.

For many, that proved difficult.

Would-be ticket buyers flocked to Twitter to express the nature of their technical difficulties with the Denver Center’s website.

“HELP!” Stacey E tweeted. “I was trying to log into my account and purch tix for Oct. 27, then it somehow said tix were unavailable.”

“Did the IT guy not prepare for the onslaught of traffic? All the way to the ‘buy’ process, waiting, then it times out. Ugh,” Kaffeine Bvzz added.

In the midst of the buzz, Denver Center employees were frantically attempting to respond to tweets that mentioned specific difficulties with the ticket-buying process. Among other potential solutions, the Denver Center tweeted the following advice: “If you are in the priority queen screen, stay there. You are in our virtual waiting room.”

That was little consolation to some users who feared they had missed their opportunity altogether.

“What’s the point?” Princess of Pizza tweeted. “By the time I can log back in, the seats I want will be sold out.”

Jason Kirby expressed his concerns after his fourth attempt to pay for tickets failed.

“So not a fan of what’s going on with the website,” he wrote. “Payed (sic) 4 times and all of them failed. BoM tickets are a roll of the dice.”

Kell Kaiser-Diaz had even more difficulty, failing to attain tickets after his seventh try.

“It has now gotten stuck 7 times,” Kaiser-Diaz tweeted. “I was asked to send screenshots which I did. How is it that no one can call me to remedy? Your website is ridiculous in more ways than I can describe in 140 words.”