Weather Service improves warnings to describe impact

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DENVER -- The Oklahoma tornado reminds us why warning systems are so important.

Forecasters at the National Weather Service in Boulder say they are changing their warnings to include more detail.

Some of the warnings may include terms like catastrophic, or life-threatening.  “Catching the attention of people with more information is part of this whole impact based approach,” said Robert Glancy.

The warnings will also be more specific, letting people know if a tornado has been confirmed by spotters, or just showing up on radar.

Forecasters hope the new language will spur people into action when needed.  “That’s what we really work for is to be prepared for these types of events ahead of time,” said forecaster David Barjenbruch.

He wants people to know exactly where to go and just how much time they have to get there.  He encourages families to sit down and make a plan.