Residents, first responders have dealt with tornadoes before in Moore, Okla.

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As the numbers come in and the death toll climbs, the images in Oklahoma hit hard.

Until now, the worst tornado to strike the town of Moore happened May 3rd, 1999.  Monday's tornado took a similar path.

Stephanie Williams is a professional counselor in the Oklahoma City area who steps in to help first responders after traumatic events.

She says, "It is so awful. It's just heartbreaking all the way around." In her experience the effects of Monday's tornado are worse than both the May 3rd storm and the deadly tornado in Joplin.

Williams' friends spent the day walking to their homes because of clogged roads to see what was left.

Her husband also walked a few miles to find out what happened to his workplace in Moore. Williams says, "He said it looked like a bomb had gone off. There was no ceiling and the windows had been blown out."

She warns the trauma is just beginning. She says reporters, first responders, homeowners, grieving families, and even those watching on tv may have trouble recovering from this deadly day. Her advice is to talk about what's going on to help heal.