Forgotten science project sparks bomb scare at Boulder’s Fairview High School

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Fairview High School (Photo: Boulder Valley School District)

Fairview High School (Photo: Boulder Valley School District)

BOULDER, Colo. — A forgotten science project led officials at Boulder’s Fairview High School to rush students across the campus Monday morning, fearing a “suspicious device,” police reported.

According to Boulder Police spokesperson Kim Kobel, an unattended backpack with an unknown device inside was discovered on a school bus near the school’s west side about 8 a.m. A bus driver noticed the bag and turned it into school personnel, who took it outside and called the Boulder Police Department. Students were moved to the gym and auditorium, away from the device.

In a letter to parents about 9:35 a.m., school officials described the item as “PVC pipes with wires coming out of them.” The object turned out to be a science project a student had accidentally left on the bus.

No threats were made and the student will not face any repercussions, Kobel said in a tweet.

“We did not evacuate the school since the device was discovered outside the school,” Kobel said.

Shortly after Kobel made those comments, the Boulder Valley School District sent an e-mail to parents of Fairview students saying “we have no reason to believe that students and staff are in danger at this time.”

That said, an earlier letter advised parents to “not attempt to go to the campus, as this could interfere with the work of law enforcement.”

According to a district spokesperson, there were about 1,200 students in the school Monday morning for final exams, one of which will need to be rescheduled.

The school’s seniors were not among that 1,200, as they have all graduated.