Colorado town makes gun ownership mandatory — to a point

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NUCLA, Colo. — If you want to live in the tiny town of Nucla, Colo., you legally must own a gun.

That’s according to a new town ordinance, passed 5-1 this month, the Montrose Daily News reported.

The town, located about 50 miles south of Grand Junction, followed in the footsteps of a recent Georgia law requiring heads of household to maintain a firearm, “together with ammunition therefor.”

The Nucla ordinance appears to be the first such rule in the state. But it’s more of a statement of principle than a binding law — it contains exceptions for heads of households who don’t want to or are legally barred from owning a gun.

Nucla has a town population of about 1,000. The ordinance states that in order to provide emergency management for the town and general public welfare, “every head of household residing in the town limits is required to maintain a firearm.”

The single dissenting vote came from Nucla Town Board member Bill Long.

“Ideologically, it’s no different than saying, ‘You can’t own guns,'” Long told The Associated Press. “If you want less government in our lives, this isn’t that. It’s a symbolic gesture.”

Earlier this year, Colorado passed several new sweeping gun laws including universal background checks and a limit on magazine capacity.