Aurora neighborhood steps up security after string of break-ins

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AURORA, Colo. — Over the past year, neighbors in the Singletree neighborhood just south of Denver International Airport say there have been at least 18 break-ins in their subdivision.

“The burglars are just simply kicking in the front or back doors and then making off with thousands of dollars worth of items from each home,” said Maria Corral. “We thought the neighborhood was safe but now we are all just wondering what police are doing about the break-ins.”

Aurora Police said they are working with Denver Police to try to end the dangerous  day-light incidents.

“We have deployed investigators from both agencies to try to break up the thefts,” said Capt. Bob Stef of Aurora.

In early May, police we were successful in taking-down two suspects, 26-year old Isaac Stafford and a 17-year old, after they were caught leaving the scene of a house where a man was home at the time of the door kick-in.

The pair hit two homes in the area bounded by Dunkirk and 58th Avenue, and when they tried to flee, their car spun out on Pena Blvd. Police took them into custody after they tried to run. Since arresting the two, officers said there have been no more burglaries reported in the area.

Police have currently stepped up patrols in the remote Far Northeast neighborhood. Residents said they have begun arming themselves, while a developer has come through the area and upgraded security systems.

Police say that with summer coming, neighbors need to burglar-proof their homes by closing and locking windows and doors, while making it appear as if people might be home, when they are not.