Radio Shack robbery, kidnapping suspect pleads guilty

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DENVER — One of two men accused of robbing a Colfax Avenue Radio Shack and holding a store employee hostage for six hours pled guilty to charges Thursday.

Taveaun Williams pled guilty to aggravated robbery and first-degree assault, said Lynn Kimbrough of the Denver DA’s office.

Williams, 18, and his friend Michael Annan, 23, were accused of trying to rob the store at Colfax and Glencoe in September 2012.

Police quickly responded and began a standoff that lasted much of the day and including gunfire directed at police.

Christopher Nimerfroh, a store employee, was taken hostage by both, but was released safely when the standoff ended, police said.

A few days after the robbery, Williams told FOX31 Denver he “wasn’t trying to be big and bad.”

“I was scared, I had emotions going through my stomach that I had never felt before,” Williams said.

Family and friends of the hostage and the suspect arrived on the scene and spent an incredibly tense afternoon waiting for a resolution.

SWAT officers kept their rifles trained on the Radio Shack. Snipers were seen on roof tops.

During the standoff, both men were communicating through Facebook and text messages with numerous friends and family members who were outside the store.

Denver police eventually shut that down because it was making things worse.

Both men surrendered to police peacefully.

Annan, still faces one count of second degree kidnapping, one count of aggravated robbery, 11 counts of attempted first degree murder, 11 counts of first degree assault and numerous counts of crimes of violence, Kimbrough said.

Annan is scheduled for trial to begin in October.

Williams faces 30 years in prison when he is sentenced in July.