Head of Colo. Springs vehicle theft division charged with theft, will retire

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(Photo: CSPD)

Sergeant James Butierres (Photo: Colorado Springs Police Department)

Sergeant James Butierres (Photo: Colorado Springs Police Department)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Sgt. James Butierres, the head of the Colorado Springs Police Department’s vehicle theft division, announced he will retire effective Friday. That announcement came after he was charged with two felony counts, including theft, on Thursday.

According to KRDO, Butierres is accused of falsifying his time sheet and misusing grant money related to a car-theft enforcement program.

Butierres was arrested on April 25, and placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the aforementioned allegations. Court documents show that Butierres admitted on April 23 that he “submitted time worked for hours that he had not actually worked.”

Court records also indicate Butierres was paid approximately $2,500 from his grant-funded vehicle theft program for hours he did not work. That figure was attained with the help of a GPS tracker in Butierres’ work vehicle, which showed large chunks of time when the vehicle was parked in Butierres’ driveway.

Based on that investigation, the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s office made the decision to file formal felony charges of theft and forgery Thursday.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, before this incident, Butierres had served a decorated 30-year career filled with commendations and stellar job performance reviews.