Appsolute Must Have Apps For Mom

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Kirk takes a look at 3 APPs every mom should have.

First Up, an APP from the company that Jessica Alba built.  The HonestBaby App is a great resource for the new mom.  Use it to track your child's development including feedings, diaper changes, a growth chart, doctor visits and sleep schedules.  You can install it on 2 Apple devices and sync accounts, so when you hand the baby off to dad he can quickly see the last feeding and diaper change. The HonestBaby app is free and only available for Apple devices.

Once the kids are a bit older Choremonster could be a big help.  Setup chores for your kids to do around the house, when they're completed it will keep track of points earned for each chore and rewards for a certain amount of points.  It essentially turns chores into a game, helping you manage them and helping your kids do them.  It's free on Apple devices.

Finally, if you haven't seen this app, it's an appsolute must for sure.  Out of Milk is an app every parent should have to help keep life in order.  Create to-do lists, pantry inventory list and of course shopping lists.  Sync these lists with other smartphone users.  You can even scan barcodes to add items to your list.  It's free and works on both Apple and Android smartphones.