Colo. family feels relief for women found in Cleveland, keeps hope alive for missing son

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The family of a missing child from Colorado Springs says they are glued to the TV, watching developments out of Cleveland where three young women were found years after they went missing.

Christopher Abeyta’s sister says her family is overjoyed by the news of the happy reunions, and that she can only imagine the relief their families are feeling right now.

Christopher disappeared from his Colorado Springs home in 1986, when he was just 7 months old. Denise Abeyta said, “They have answers. They don’t have to wonder anymore. They don’t have to be tormented by not knowing.”

She went on to say the happy ending in Cleveland gives all families of missing children hope. “The raw emotions come back and the tears… the tears come out because you want it to be your family. We want it to be Christopher. And we have that hope that it will be one day, but at the same time, we know what that family has experienced and you feel a sense of relief for them, that they know.”

Christopher’s family has remained very active in the search for him. They are even offering a $100,000 reward.

Detectives say they continue to get leads. Detective Mike Montez of the Colorado Springs Police Department said, “We generate leads all the time.

The family is helpful. They have a Facebook page for Christopher; he actually has his own web page.

The family’s been so active in this case since 1986 that they don’t get their hopes up. They have seen a whole realm of things happen. “We talk on a regular basis.”

Investigators and family members stress that someone knows what happened to Christopher and they want that person to come forward and give them some answers. His mother said, “I imagine a lot of times our reunion but that reunion is so happy. It’s your imagination that keeps you going. You think ‘wow it`s going to happen.’ I am positive it’s going to happen.”