Cleveland discovery gives hope for Colo. familes with missing children

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DENVER -- The dramatic discovery of three longtime kidnap victims in Cleveland gives hope to parents of missing children everywhere.

In Fort Morgan, police continue to investigate the suspicious disappearance of a 17-year-old girl last year.

The shocking Cleveland case shows them just about anything is possible.

Their stories are similar.

Three were teens, one 20, when they each disappeared walking home.

The heartache their families feel or felt is similar.

“March 26, around 4:30, quarter to 5, was the last time I saw Kayla,” says Kayla Chadwick’s mother, Robin Adams, in August 2012.

But will the outcome for Chadwick be the same as the three Cleveland kidnap victims?

Fort Morgan Police say the Cleveland development gives them hope.

“If anything, anyone, or any departments investigating a missing person, it’s renewed hope, that even though our investigations continue--we’ve done all we can, up to this point, following up leads--that there may be another lead we’ll soon discover and hope Kayla is still alive and well. She can be discovered under any other kind of circumstances,” says Fort Morgan Police Chief Keith Kuretich.

The last time anyone saw Chadwick, 17, was March 27, 2012.

She left her boyfriend’s house after a fight.

Family and friend spent weeks looking for her—but only found frustration.

“You want to find her. And you want to bring her home,” says one man who searched unsuccessfully for Chadwick on April 21, 2012.

It’s frustration Chawick’s mother feels to this day.

“Her mother is certainly distraught. You have to realize that her daughter went missing just over a year now. In March, she had to relive that because it was the first anniversary…This (Cleveland) certainly has given her hope. But at same time, she wished it had been one of her daughters that had been discovered,” says Kuretich.

Chadwick has not used her cell phone, social media or contacted any friends or family since she disappeared.

Her boyfriend, Ivan Torralba, is facing several charges, including: perjury and tampering with evidence. But police say the charges are not connected to Chadwick’s disappearance.