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Keep moving in order to help slow weight gain

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Age, stress and hormonal changes can all affect your metabolism, which in turn can affect how much weight you gain.

Medical experts say there's no way around it, getting up and getting active is the fastest way to turn your body into a calorie burning machine.

Dr. James Hill, Director of the University of Colorado Center For Human Nutrition says, “Every other thing you can do pales in comparison to becoming active. You can increase your metabolism tenfold by moving rather than sitting.”

That can buy you a little diet “freedom” so you can enjoy a few more of your favorite treats.

Fitness trainers say getting 30 minutes of brisk walking three times a week and adding some weight training two times a week can make a difference and keep you burning calories even when you are resting.

Steve Allen of Denver Gym & Fitness says, “When you`re done working out (your metabolism) doesn`t just drop right back down to the resting rate. It goes down over a period of time like 8-10 hours.”

It's tempting to take short cuts. There are reports that spicy foods can help you burn calories but Dr. Hill says, “It's a tiny amount not even the equivalent of going for a walk.”

Trainers say eat a good healthy breakfast to start your engine running right away.

Eat more often, snack on fruit, veggies and small servings of protein every 3-4 hours.

Doctors also say calcium from skim milk, cheese, yogurt and other natural sources can also help you burn fat and control your blood sugar.

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