Online auction lets women help women who are fighting cancer

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- People in Longmont paying it forward—and people with access to a computer might get something nice out of it.

A non-profit called A Woman’s Work is holding an online auction Saturday night.

The money goes to help women during some of the toughest times of their lives.

“I am 4-and-a-half-years cancer free,” says Traci Tuttle, a stylist at Inspire Salon and Spa on Longmont’s Main Street.

A Woman’s Work gave Tuttle money nearly five years ago to help her battle breast cancer.

“Because I did not have a mountain of debt hanging over my head, A Woman’s Work has allowed me to think about getting better and moving on with my career,” says Tuttle, who says she’s now looking to buy a home because she was able to stay financially solvent.

Inspire’s owner, Nicole Smathers, found inspiration in how A Woman’s Work treated Tuttle.

“We were able to see what they were able to do for her. And it makes us more bonded to them, in a sense,” she says.

The nonprofit helped 300 women and their families last year—giving out nearly $150,000 in grants to help pay for everything from rent, to daycare to medical bills.

“They just help anybody who needs it, that nobody else can help,” says A Woman’s Work volunteer Nancy Cooper.

The women who do A Woman’s Work can offer a hand because of community donations.

And tomorrow, they raise a bulk of their funds with a silent and online auction.

“It’s called an Evening of Great Tastes,” says volunteer Shari Morrow.

The nonprofit is offering 18 premium items online including: an African photo safari, a Cape Cod beach house, a trip to Costa Rica and Scotland and your name in a novel by a New York Times best-selling novelist.

Smathers’ salon will also be donating a VIP party for eight people, to include spa services, food and wine.

And there are 85 items available during a silent auction. But tickets to that auction are sold out.

“Our goal is $60,000. It’s pie in the sky. We just hope,” laughs Morrow.

They are donations turned into dollars that turn sometimes fragile lives around.

Just ask Traci Tuttle.

“For complete strangers to reach their hands out to help me,  it meant the world to me, I couldn’t have done it without them and every day, I am thankful,” she says.

Last year, A Woman’s Work saw a dramatic increase in requests for housing, utilities and transportation.

The average grant was $640.

You can bid on online items at