Douglas sheriff says safety alert mistakenly sent out

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DENVER — The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Friday said a safety alert sent out earlier this week about a man who allegedly made threats of a mass shooting was a mistake and the individual in question was not a threat.

The alert was sent out by Littleton police and regarded a 24-year-old man who was missing after receiving treatment at the Littleton Adventist Hospital for suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

The man “mentioned planning to walk into Littleton Adventist hospital to ‘shoot as many people’ as he could because the mental health system ‘failed him.'”

He admitted to buying an AR-15 assault rifle and having 250 rounds of ammunition in addition to seven, thirty-round magazines, the alert said.

The man also allegedly made a similar threat against a random Target store.

Police at the time said they found a loaded AR-15 at the man’s house, which were placed with his grandmother for safekeeping.

Friday, Douglas county deputies said the man was in fact seeking help and is being treated.

“A sensitive law enforcement bulletin was inadvertently sent to the public in error,” said spokesman Chad Teller.

“That individual is now seeking help for his statements. It is also important to note that this individual has not committed any crimes,” Teller said. “We do not believe he is a threat to the general public.”

FOX31 Denver is no longer identifying the man because he is not a suspect in a crime and HIPPA rules protect patients’ identity.