Recent snow throws cold water on springtime gardening

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Lakewood— It might be hard for Pinpoint Weather to save what recent frost "hast turned asunder," in other words, our flowering-bulb plants and our flowering fruit trees are for the most part done!

“In effect, without the thermal snow pack to protect the bulb plants, most of them just were fried by the cold,” says Landscape Contractors of Colorado spokesperson, Sarah Marcogilese.

“Plants and flowering fruit trees took direct hits, unless they were somehow covered. If buds on trees had begun to expand, they are probably lost. And plants in the ground just couldn't stand the cold.”

While many plants are lost, if the blubs were late bloomers, they might still make it, but for the most part, the cold did a number on a colorful spring.

That said, you can expect 70s over the weekend and that is always good planting weather.

Some forecasters say the last big snowfall has come and gone, but with those big 14,000 foot weather makers just west of here, who knows what the weather will bring.

This reporter did send the wife an image of her forsythia yellow flowers-in-bloom Wednesday. They were still on the mobile phone from last year. Hopefully it brightened her day.

As for the rest of spring and into the summer, plant now or wait to do the “never before Mother’s Day’” thing. Either way summer color is just around the corner and the trees will leaf up so not all will be lost to cold and snow.