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‘Explosions in White House, Barack Obama injured,’ hacked AP account tweets

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WASHINGTON — Social media was abuzz Tuesday morning after one of the most respected names in news tweeted that the unthinkable had taken place at the White House.

AP hack tweet

Minutes after the above tweet from the Associated Press, the news agency confirmed their account had been hacked.

There were also reports that the AP was tweeting about a stock market plunge. Minutes after those fictitious tweets, the Associated Press’ Twitter account was temporarily suspended.

The Associated Press’ chief White House correspondent Julie Pace informed White House press secretary Jay Carney that his company’s Twitter account had been hacked at a morning briefing.

“It appears as though AP’s Twitter account has been attacked, so anything that was just sent out … is obviously false,” Pace said before asking her first question the daily briefing.

“I appreciate that,” Carney replied to Pace. “And I can say that the president is fine, I was just with him.”

In a story online, the AP reported the attack on their Twitter account was preceded by a phishing attempt on the AP’s corporate network.

The market briefly tanked after the fake tweet, but when the AP said its Twitter account was hacked, stocks quickly bounced back.

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