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Students get life-changing news about college scholarships

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DENVER -- Thirty students out of a pool of more than 250 in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico were at the State Capitol Monday to find out which of the semi-finalists would be awarded scholarships from the Daniels Scholarship program.

“These students bring so much hope and promise to their schools and families,” said the fund’s CEO Linda Childears. “To date, more than 2,512 Daniels Scholarships have been awarded and with today’s group, more than 2,762 students will have received the awards.”

“I am the first kid in my family to make it to college,” said CEC graduate J’Quan Howard of Denver. “My mom passed and her sister raised me and my siblings along with hers as well. She will tell you even the young kids… like six and seven already know where they want to go to school. As for me, I am already enrolled at CSU.”

On the floor of the House, Dominick Moreno, the Rep from Commerce City, introduced the students but when he told them they all were award winners, the whole chamber erupted with applause. The twist is that Moreno is the youngest delegate and in fact was a scholar with Daniels when he graduated high school.

“I never would have had the resources to make it to Georgetown University, where I graduated, without the fund,” said Moreno. “My parents wanted me to attend college, this program made it happen.”

Jasmine Nieto of Kent Denver is going to Occidental, Clinton Brown of North High is going to D.U., and Bobbi Rucker of Manual is planning to attend Regis University… all of the winners have lofty goals and for many they are the first in their families to even think about attending college.

This year, fellow scholars currently attend 214 colleges and universities in 44 states. It's a legacy left by cable pioneer, Bill Daniels.