Two locals create the Colorado Cannabis Craze game

DENVER — Among the many new trends to develop since marijuana was legalized in Colorado is the Colorado Cannabis Craze -- a board game for the ages that almost took ages to develop.

“We were in high school when we decided to make a board game that had Colorado’s home-grown marijuana as the focus of the game,” said co-inventor Robb Deeter, who along with Mike Ginwright, put ideas to the board. “Our goal this time around was to come up with a way to get back to old-time social networking. We wanted to get people talking instead of texting and tweeting.”

The game is simple. It comes prerolled in a tube and to win you must be the first player to fly into Denver, visit eight cities around the state, buy marijuana, return to Denver and sell the pot for a million bucks! Whew, what could be easier?

Robb and Mike are selling the game online at and several stores with products related to ganja also carry the marijuana based game.

They call this “a gamer's game” that has brought them super positive feedback. Based on the cannabis industry, it is understandable that they are selling at the 420 High Times US Cannabis Cup festival being held in the Mile High City over the April 20th weekend.

The motto of the game is, "Git yer fun on!"  The boys did want me to say they are just a couple of stone cutters from Lyons, just up the road from Boulder.

Only trouble with the game could be spacing out on whose move it might be.