Broncos player surprises Swanson Elementary School teacher

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ARVADA, Colo. -- Val Cordova helps kids at Swanson Elementary get active as part of the Fuel Up To Play 60 program, sponsored by the NFL, National Dairy Association and the U.S. Department of Argiculture. The goal, to get kids to get active for 60 minutes a day.

"I think this program is one that will help kids put down their electronics and get outside to move their hearts and bodies," said number 87 of the Denver Broncos, Eric Decker.

"When I was a kid, being involved with sports and activities which pumped up my heart was not something I thought was good for me, but as I grew older, I learned those activities were really good for me... games like four square, jump rope and flag football all were things that got me moving."

All of the students and teachers at Swanson Elementary in Arvada sported Broncos orange and blue for the appearence by Decker, who showed up to give props to Val Cordova, the 4th grade teacher who works with a team of activity kids whose job is getting other kids moving.

"I can't believe I am crying, but this is a big deal," said Cordova, who was named adviser of the year. "These kids are so good when it comes to getting other students moving, I am so blessed," said the teacher moved to tears by the award from the big-time Broncos receiever.

More than 850 thousand kids in more than 15-hundred Colorado schools are involved with the 'drink milk' program and none do better than Swanson. Big time shout out to the kids, their advisor and all the teachers who help make exercise a priority in Arvada.