Protect your plants, pipes from cold and snow

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Expecting several inches of snow, Richmond Manley wastes no time bringing his potted flowers into the garage of his Centennial home.

He also trimmed the bushes and covered some of the blooming flowers in the front yard.

"We had some flowers show up early this year, so I covered them up, so hopefully they will last longer than just a few days," Manley said.

He also laid fertilizer, hoping the snow will help it soak in.

Experts at Tagawa Gardens in Centennial say that's a great idea.

Luan Akin also suggests protecting your flowers using something with a little structure like a plastic pot or trash can.

Cover the flower, then drape it with a blanket and weight it down so it doesn't blow away.  Blooming trees aren't as easy to protect.  Akin says do not cover your trees.  You could end up breaking branches.

But she does suggest covering exposed pipes if you've already turned on your sprinkler system.

Plus she wants to remind us that the snow may be inconvenient, but we do need the moisture.   "Mountain reservoirs will not recover at this point, but these snows are huge, huge for our trees and our shrubs and our lawns," Akin said.

As a rule, most people wait to do their springtime planting in Colorado until Mother's Day.