Escapee left Denver jail in deputy’s uniform

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DENVER -- Denver police and sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who escaped from the county jail Sunday night.

Felix Trujillo, 24, apparently left the jail wearing a deputy's uniform when he escaped around 7 p.m.

Trujillo is described as 5 feet 6, inches tall. He is 140 pounds and has tattoos on his neck and chest.

According to an announcement on police scanners Sunday night, Trujillo was wearing deputy's gear, but a statement from the Sheriff's Department did not confirm that.

Authorities are warning that Trujillo should be considered "extremely dangerous."

Trujillo has an extensive criminal history. He was most recently in jail on an aggravated robbery charge.

Anyone who has information about Trujillo's whereabouts should call 720-913-2000.

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