Restaurant Report Card: PF Chang’s in Park Meadows

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DENVER -- Each Thursday night on FOX31 Denver News at 9:00 p.m. our Restaurant Report Card looks at how local restaurants do in their health inspections. How do your favorites stack up?

PF Changs

PF Changs, a Chinese bistro in Park Meadows gets an F in our Restaurant report card after failing its last two health inspections.

The high end Chinese bistro on Park Meadows Center Drive in Lone Tree earned an F for ten critical violations in its last two regular inspections.  Health Inspectors found “three bottles of liquor in the bar area were adulterated with fruit flies,” the dish washing machine was not sanitizing and “an employee was observed handling dirty and then clean dishes without washing his hands in between.“

The restaurant’s management refused to talk to us on camera but sent this statement: “…we take all feedback and any violations by any agency seriously and we correct them as quickly as possible…all violations have been corrected…”

A Taste of Mexico

Our next F goes to A Taste of Mexico at 880 West Happy Canyon Road in Castle Rock.  Health inspectors found 11 critical mistakes including: “rodent droppings, no soap” at a sink and “no water” at the bar sink.

Owner, Miguel Hernandez told FOX31 Denver’s Heidi Hemmat that “Our restaurant is very clean.”  But, Hernandez did not want to share his kitchen with our camera.  Still, he claims he is 100 percent compliant with the health department.

Charlie's Bar

Another F this week goes to Charlie’s Bar on East Colfax where inspectors found “numerous small flying insects in bottles of Vermouth, Wild Turkey and Highland Park whiskey.

The bottles were disposed of while the inspector was on site, but that’s not all investigators found.  The inspection report says “mold accumulation” was in the dry storage area due to a water leak and “food and debris accumulation in soda guns, refrigerator, ice machine, storage containers and food storage shelves.”

Inspectors told the restaurant owner to “clean food contact surfaces and non-food contact surfaces.”   The owner of the restaurant said the health inspector has done a follow up visit and that all the violations have been corrected.


Our next stop is Diego’s at 16th and Champa in Denver.  The restaurant got an F for nine critical violations in its February inspection and five violations in its inspection last October.

The violations include food being thrown out because it was kept at the wrong temperature. Also, inspectors said the “sink at the bar was not equipped with soap,” the sanitizer used to wipe customers tables was not strong enough and a “brown/black biofilm” was covering the ice machine chute.

Tony Terrones, the owner of the restaurant, said “All critical violations have been corrected and that all employees have taken online training through the health department and scored a 95 or above on the test.”

El Patron

An F also goes to The El Patron Mexican Restaurant on Peoria Street for six violations during its February inspection.

Denver inspectors said, pans of beef and pork” were thrown away because they were not held at a cold enough temperature.  Inspectors “observed employee washing their gloves multiple times.”  The health code says single use gloves cannot be washed or reused.  Other mistakes include the sanitizer solution did not have enough chemicals to sanitize.  The owner of the restaurant said the violations were corrected.

Los Carboncitos

And our final F goes to Los Carboncitos at 3757 North Pecos Street in Denver.  Inspectors found six critical violations at this Mexican restaurant in February and seven mistakes during last year’s inspection.

Health Inspectors said beans, rice and beef were discarded for being held at the wrong temperature. The latest regular report also said “a significant amount of food debris and dust was observed on the floors where tortillas, dried peppers and canned goods are stored.”  The restaurant’s owner did not return our calls.

Brothers BBQ

Finally, our grade A of the week goes to Brothers BBQ on West Colfax where the recognition is almost as sweet as the BBQ sauce.  The restaurant scored zero violations in its last two inspections.

The owner, Nick O’Sullivan said, “I think it’s awesome. I think our hard work and efforts are paying off.  We always say if we take care of the BBQ then the BBQ will take care of us.”

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