N. Korean government apparently struck by hacker group

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As North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has intensified his rhetoric, the country was apparently targeted by hackers. (Credit: CNN)

(Photo: CNN)

(CNN) — Some official North Korean Internet and social media sites appeared Thursday to have been hacked, possibly by the hacker collective Anonymous.

The hacking — including an image skewering North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on an official Flickr account — comes amid rising tensions between North Korea and several other countries including the United States.

The North Korean government website Uriminzokkiri.com was down Thursday morning, and the official @uriminzok Twitter account — also apparently tampered with — has messages claiming that Uriminzokkiri, the Flickr site and other North Korean sites have been hacked.

Among the pictures on the Flickr account Thursday: A “wanted” poster with an image showing Kim with a pig’s ears and nose.

The poster accuses Kim of “threatening world peace with ICBMs and nuclear weapons.”

Another image reads: “We are Anonymous.”

On the Twitter account, the usual image atop the page was replaced with one that reads “tango down” — military slang that has been appropriated by hackers to say they have interrupted service to a website.

The image also depicts dancers wearing Guy Fawkes masks, a favorite of the hacker collective.