Colo. lawmakers racing clock to set marijuana regulations

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DENVER -- With just month left Colorado lawmakers are racing against the clock to figure out how to regulate recreational marijuana.

The new industry will begin -- with or without regulations in place. And with only a month left in the regular session, the special committee charged with laying out the new rules has its work cut out.

Amendment 64 supporters want to regulate recreational use of pot like alcohol is regulated. But lawmakers are trying to build off of the current medical marijuana rules.

Sen.  Gail Scwhartz - (D) Snowmass says, "The medical marijuana community instructs us in terms of how to move forward but it is an opportunity for us to maybe identify some of the pitfalls, some of the mistakes we've made.

The author of Amendment 64, Robert Corry, is critical saying medical marijuana regulation is a failure in Colorado and the industry is out of control.

He says the proposal was written and sold to Colorado voters as though it would be regulated in similar ways to how alcohol is regulated.

The special committee says it may work through the weekend, if necessary, to make its recommendations to the full Legislature Tuesday.

That will leave lawmakers less than 30 days to finalize the new regulations.