Memorial service held for Domino’s delivery driver Nathan Leon

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LAFAYETTE, Colo. -- A memorial service was held Wednesday for Nathan Leon, the pizza delivery driver who was shot and killed while working on Sunday, March 17.

The 27-year-old from Commerce City was married and had three children. He will be remembered by friends and family at Flatirons Church in Lafayette at 11 a.m.

Leon's body was discovered in Golden almost 6 hours after he was reported missing after he went to make a Domino's delivery.

Denver police suspected Evan Ebel may be linked to Leon's murder, after evidence was found connecting his murder to that of Colorado Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements after a shootout that ended Thursday in Texas.

Ammunition, a Domino’s pizza jacket and a pizza box were all found in the 1991 black Cadillac Ebel was driving.

Leon is survived by his wife and three children, Kaydence, 6, and 4-year-old twins Scotlyn and Irelynn.