Man accused of threatening lawmaker during gun debate tells his side of story

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A Denver man is being charged with harassment and attempting to influence a public servant, after leaving allegedly threatening voice mails on a state lawmaker’s cell phone.

It happened March 4, the day lawmakers debated several gun control measures. Emotions were high on both sides.

Senator Andy Kerr (D – Lakewood) says he received a call that said, “You and the rest of the communist democrats down there are gonna' regret what you’re doing.  Either by ballot or by bullets we are going to get you out of office.”

Kerr considered that a violent threat. He says, “The fact that I was in my house and that I was listening to it while my kids were running around, that really unnerved me.”

59-year-old David Cassidy admits he left the message, but says he did not intend it as a threat and did not intend to harm anyone.

He says, “I meant it as a figure of speech.”  He says he got the phone number in a mass email sent out by a gun lobbyist. “I didn’t mean any individual threat against this man, I had no intention to threaten him and I don’t think those words rise to the level of a threat.  I didn’t mean them to.”

He also admits he called Kerr again after police came to talk to him.

The message said, “Hello there, Andy Kerr.  It wasn’t a threat; I was trying to warn you.  Our country has a history of revolution and it could come down to that and you may be pushing it to that.”

Cassidy says he just wanted to explain he didn’t intend any threat. He says, “I thought a reasonable person would understand this the way I meant it. And I think the Democratic politicians in Colorado are very unreasonable at this time.”

But Kerr says Cassidy’s calls cross a line. He says, “When our safety concerns override our concerns for doing our job, that’s where we have a problem.”

Cassidy counters, the lawmakers are the ones who are trying to intimidate the citizens.  He says, “These guys can construe anything to be a threat.

Cassidy is out on a $5,000 bond. He is due back in court April 15 for a preliminary hearing.