10-year-old hopes sleeping photos win her Broncos contest

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. -- Ten-year-old Sarah Long sleeps a lot when she gets her picture taken.  It’s a tradition that began when she and her dad, Rick, nodded off during a baseball game in Seattle.

“When we saw the picture my mom took, we just thought it would be need to ‘sleep-around’ different places we visited,” said Sarah. “We have dozens of places where we ‘sleep’ at famous tourists spots and with famous people, like Denver Broncos.”

Sarah is now in a contest to see which Bronco fan will win a chance to announce the Bronco’s fourth round draft pick next month in New York City.

“Right now I am in second place, but I have a few weeks to get more ‘likes’ on my site,” said the fourth grader. “I would be honored to pick for Denver and to meet John Elway, who will more than likely be at the NFL Draft.”

If you would like to help Sarah or any of the other Bronco fans, you can find the contest at Kwal Paints, but Sarah’s site is: http://sarah2nyc.com/