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Denver quietly becoming hub for ‘app’ industry

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DENVER -- The world of app design is growing by leaps and bounds and Denver is set to become the hub for apps that run on Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone & iPad.

“We both got into the field in 2008, when the app revolution was just getting started,” said Ben Reubenstein, owner of Xcellent Creations. “Teaming up with Dan Burcaw’s Double Encore company will give us the ability to serve a large set of brands, with a deeper talent pool.”

Both say Denver is becoming the app-capital in a very quiet way.

When Apple’s iTunes App Store opened there were about 65,000 programs and games.

Three-and-a-half years later there are more than 1 million apps in the store and the number is growing every day.

“We just want to be a company who will be able to support, help with design, and give inventors the best help in getting their apps to market,” said Burcaw. “Our goal is to move into the 7th floor of the old Symes Building on 16th and Champa on the 16th Street Mall. The location will give us the ability to grow as needed during these super-growth times.”

A study from the wireless trade group, CTIA indicates Colorado accounts for more than 8,000 jobs in the App Economy. The report ranked Colorado 10th in the nation in App Economy jobs in terms of "App Intensity."