Chemicals in makeup may bring on early menopause study says

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(KDVR) -- Ladies, a warning about what`s in your make up bag. New studies show chemicals used in many makeup products may bring on early menopause.

Researchers found that many women exposed to 'phthalates' and other chemicals began menopause around age 49 rather than 51, the usual age.

Previous research has linked early menopause with higher rates of bone loss, heart problems and strokes in women.

The study examined the levels of phthalates in the blood or urine of 5,700 women.

Those with the highest amounts were found to have gone through menopause an average of 2.3 years before the others.

Researchers say some women may be reaching menopause 15 years early, in their mid-30s.

Doctors say phthalates are also found in many household chemicals and even children’s backpacks.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, has long called for stricter regulations on phthalates and says, “They’ve already been banned in children's toys, in the U.S. They've been shown to be harmful.”

Phosphates, also found in many cosmetics and soft drinks, can also be harmful to women by leeching important calcium from bones.

Dr. Martha Illige of Rose Family Medicine says, “Calcium and phosphate are in a balance if you elevate phosphate you lower calcium. If you lower phosphate you elevate calcium.”

Doctors recommend that women avoid wearing make up for prolonged periods and wash it off each night. It’s also a good idea to wear gloves when using household chemicals and limit soft drinks.

Women should take calcium supplements combined with vitamin D3 and consume calcium rich dairy products and green vegetables like broccoli.

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