Unauthorized racy Facebook pages show high school girls in Fort Collins

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Several Facebook pages popped up recently showing Fort Collins high school girls in suggestive poses and calling them derogatory names.

"I started looking at it and I was just disgusted!" said Sydnie Humann, a former Poudre High School student.

"I have never seen anything like this before at all," said Candra Zander, another former student.

Poudre School District released a statement, which said:

"The District is aware and shares the community’s concern regarding Facebook pages containing comments about PSD students. We are actively working with Facebook and Fort Collins Police Services to investigate."

"It's really upsetting to see something so negative, mean and awful," said Andrea Dean, Senior at Poudre High School.

Students said there were several pages, but the worst was a page labeled Nasty Chicks of FoCo. A derogatory page posting profile pictures of girls from their individual Facebook pages and calling them whores.

"I definitely know some of them. Most of my friends, we were really taken aback by it," said Dean.

Candra Zander, a Poudre High School graduate, said she actually reported this public Facebook page to the social media site and was shocked by the repose she received.

"We carefully reviewed the photo you reported, but found it doesn't violate our community standards," said Zander.

The page had over 600 likes and was finally taken down late Monday afternoon.

Students at Poudre High School were upset the page was up for so long especially because it was so degrading to many of their classmates.

"Girls are mad, guys are mad and I know I'm mad and I'm not going out with any of the girls on that page," said Brandon Holder, a Junior at Poudre High School.

"I looked through those pictures and I know most of those girls and just the fact that they are doing that and it just looks like they are specifically targeting Poudre," said Junior Steve Hamann.

And while the pages have been taken down, many continue to hope authorities will find the person or people who created these sites.

The Poudre School District said there were no clear authors of these Facebook pages, which is making it difficult for them to take action.

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