Boy who accidentally shot brother given 3-year jail term

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GREELEY, Colo. — An 18-year-old Greeley man was sentenced to three years in community corrections for accidentally shooting his 11-year-old brother after a struggle over a handgun.

Jordan Limas‘ brother Andre grabbed Jordan’s 22-caliber semi-automatic handgun inside their house near Evans in September 2012.

Jordan tried to get the gun back and in the struggle, it went off.

“He attempted to get the handgun back away from the 11-year-old and told him it was not a toy. Then there was a struggle that ensued over the pistol and the gun went off,” said Sgt. Tim Schwartz with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office.

Andre was shot through the chest and later died at the hospital. The coroner ruled the death accidental, but Jordan Limas was charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Jordan Limas pleaded guilty in exchange for not going to prison.  Jordan Limas will have to report to a Weld County jail at night, but will be allowed to leave during the day for work.

During the sentencing hearing Monday, the boy’s parents asked the judge to be lenient.

“Obviously we love our son [Jordan]. Not even 24 hours after it happened, it was declared an accident,” said the boy’s father David Limas. “He has been punished and will be punished the rest of his life.”

“We lost a son already we don’t need to lose another one,” he said.